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Desert Paradise

This waterfall, simply titled Fifty Foot Falls was formed six years ago after a catastrophic flood ripped through Havasu Creek. In 2008, torrential downpours and a dam burst lead Havasu Creek to cut itself a new channel, and in the process two new waterfalls were created.

Havasu Creek is located near Supai, Arizona in the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Supai is the most remote town in the contiguous United States as it requires an 8 mile hike or a helicopter ride to reach it. The waterfalls are located deep in the Grand Canyon making them some of the most remote waterfalls in the world, and a haven for tourists. I read about this place several years ago, and added it to my bucket list. This is without a doubt my favorite waterfall and shot from the trip. It looks like a tropical paradise, yet the canyon walls dominate the background. It is a true desert paradise.

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