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Crystal Falls

This waterfall is known as Falling Water Falls, located along Falling Water Creek near the small community of Ben Hur, Arkansas. During the early parts of August, this area received a tremendous amount of rainfall. I headed that way on an early Saturday morning. Right before I got there, a strong thunderstorm dumped another two inches of rain over this drainage. The waterfall was flowing at flood stage, full of muddy brown water.

I was worried how long it would take for the flood to subside and the water to clear up. I spent most of that weekend crossing multiple flooded creeks in search of other waterfalls. In all, I ended up hiking roughly 8 miles and photographing 6 different waterfalls. On Sunday afternoon on my way out, I stopped again at this waterfall. The water had cleared up and it was the right amount of flow, giving it an almost crystal effect.

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