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Guardian of the Pacific

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Guardian of the Pacific
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All along the coastline of the Pacific Northwest, sea stacks stand as a silent guardian, acting like an imposing fortress. I made the hike out here for sunset with the plan to wait a few hours for the moon to rise from the east and light up the cliffs while being backdropped by stars. I can say you have not lived until you have sat precariously on a very narrow cliff for hours, a hundred feet above a crashing ocean.

These sea stacks brought several thoughts to my head, one that involved scenes from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price, where Harry and Dumbledore visit cliffs to destroy a horcrux; or the final scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens where Luke is shown living as a hermit on a cliff-like island. However, I thought any reference to those might be lost, so I came up with Guardian of the Pacific instead.

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