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Mystic Canyon

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Mystic Canyon
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I visited Tumalo Falls for the first time in March of 2016 and found the gate closed due to "construction", so I gathered my equipment and hiked over two and a half miles up the road to the trailhead. Along that way I found zero "construction" occurring on the road or the parking lot at the trailhead, still leading me to wonder why to this day.

To reach the falls I ended up making my own path through two to three feet of snow along the creek. Before sunset, a few cirrus clouds moved overhead and an airplane contrail was ripped apart by the jet stream above, providing an excellent backdrop for the sun to light up in gorgeous pinks as it set. In all I spent a few hours entrenched in a snowbank before beginning my hike back. I realized my legs and feet had become completely numb due to the snow and battled sharp pain all the way back to the car. It had been worth it and the five-mile hike instead of an expected half mile made this shot a bit more special to me.

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