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Motor City Revival

In between the time I was born, to this trip, I had not visited Detroit in almost 27 years. This time I was back to watch my hockey team place their last game at Joe Lewis Arena against the Detroit Redwings. Which if you actually read these, you will find visiting various cities for hockey games is a common occurrence for me.

The morning after the game and the last day before I headed home, I crossed the Ambassador Bridge into Canada. An always easy occurrence of "welcome to Canada, eh". I found a spot along the Detroit River and captured this majestic sunrise over the skyline of Detroit. I instantly fell in love with the soft pastel colors intermingled with the gothic inspired architecture. I packed up my gear and headed to the Windsor Tunnel and back into the states. Remember where I said it's always an easy occurrence crossing into Canada, well it's not so much coming back into your own country. I've crossed the border over a dozen times and always have a harder time coming back then I do leaving.

This time was no different, and 15 minutes later after a quick disassembly of my rental car, I was back on my way. But the Leafs won, I watched a minor league playoff game with a friend in London, captured an amazing picture, and had a chuckle at the border agent, all making this a weekend trip I will not soon forget.

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