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Travertine Springs

The famed and often photographed Havasu Falls, located in the Grand Canyon. The waterfalls of the Havasupai have long been an item on my bucket list, and an item I can now cross off. Havasu Creek is located near Supai, Arizona in the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Supai is the most remote town in the contiguous United States as it requires an 8 mile hike or a helicopter flight to reach it. The waterfalls are located deep in the Grand Canyon making them some of the most remote waterfalls in the world, and a haven for tourists.

My friend and I arrived at our campground near the base of these falls during the hot summer afternoon and a grueling 12 mile hike. We rested for a few hours before returning back up the path to the falls to find it empty of people. Just a few hours before, the pool was full of dozens of tourists. So while the last of the evening light shined into the canyon, we were able to enjoy this majestic waterfall by ourselves. Havasu Creek is spring fed and the high concentration of calcium carbonate in the water, creates the vivid blue-green color and the natural travertine formations.

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