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Raging Spirit

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Raging Spirit
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Before visiting the Pacific Northwest for the first time, I had read many stories about the hike here and how "difficult" it can be. After hiking to these falls a half dozen times, I can say it's not that hard. It is a steep hike with many switchbacks, but if you take it slow it's actually easy. However, when it's dry the soil will be loose and you will slide, and when it's wet the soil will be muddy and loose, and you will slide.

It is worth it at the end as you come upon these falls. The emerald blue waters make these falls one of the most photogenic in the region. However, it can be a bit tricky depending on the conditions to actually capture the blue in the water. I foresee many more slides, I mean hikes down to these falls to capture its beauty in the various seasons, especially winter.

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